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The Guys In The Parking Lot at Zips

Marty Marcucci, the photographer of this picture, emailed MarinNostalgia.org to identify the guys in the photo.  He writes: “From left to right.  Joe Bergante, Kent McIvor (you can only see his foot), my brother Bob Marcucci (he recently retired as San Rafael’s fire chief), Al McIvor, Booty Montbriand, Jim Petricka, in the back, Leo Galli, Stan Cammiccia, Jim Zerker, Jim Jameson, Jim Shanahan, Bill Eling, Bill Yoe.”

Marcucci says the reason for the picture was, “With nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon, (the guys) went behind the fence and gathered all the beer cans that had been thrown there and lined them up on the fence.  I happened to be driving by and, as I always had a camera with me, my brother called me in to save it for posterity.”

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What do you remember about Zips?


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