Memories from an original Cookie Girl

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Submitted to the Forum January, 2007

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I was one of the original Unknown Jerome’s cookie girls when it opened. It was my first real job in high school, and I was fortunate to have worked with a great group of people. I have such fond memories of working there and am so sad it closed. The company had a great marketing strategy! They created Unknown Jeromes in response to Famous Amos and his cookies. Let me take you down memory lane for a moment:

BFJ’s (Big Fat Jeromes), BFJsandwich, RumRaisin, Pina Colada, Crunchies, SnartFoobs, The Nazaroon (cookie shaped like the nose), and the Butterscotch. Anyone remember at Halloween when they made the Witch’s Tit? It was a huge milk chocolate BFJ mound with a Hershey’s kiss on top!

It was great to be able to eat the cookie dough raw! I developed a very strong cookie scooping muscle. Sometimes the dough for the Pina Colada had an inconsistent ingredient ratio, and when put in the oven, the cookies literally exploded and turned into a flat crystalized coconut mess. Not saleable, but they were still yummy!

My favorite memories were those customers that would come in and complain about the artwork on the wall, specifically the one of DaVinci’s “Last Supper”, however it was changed to the “Last Cookie”. They said it was sacreligious… Some just never had a sense of humor. The Magritte picture was also a big topic of conversation.

To this day, I can still take a piece of playdough and mold it into the Naz. Some skills you never lose! And I always went home smelling like a cookie…..ah those were the days!


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What do YOU remember about Unknown Jerome’s?  Discuss it in the FORUM or in the MarinNostalgia Facebook Group.

  1. OMG, their giant macaroons were the best I’ve ever had! My son and I were just talking about when I used to take him and my daughter there when they were little! I forgot about the nose shaped ones. That place was so tiny. They also sold ice cold small cartons of milk. Perfect!
    Does anyone know what became of the owners/bakers?

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