In 1976, I was a 1st Grader in Mrs. Reide’s class at Neil Cummins Elementary School.  I’m pretty sure we said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning and I definitely remember learning the song “This Land Is Your Land.”   We were very patriotic, perhaps because that year marked our nation’s Bicentennial.  Our class even created a diorama of the Battle at Bunker Hill using empty toilet paper rolls for the Red Coats and Blue Coats.

Major thanks to Aili Kato for digging up this home movie and submitting it.  Hope it brings back some fond memories…. Enjoy! Jason

[videoembed type=”vimeo” ratio=”sixteen_by_nine” url=”″ id=”video_0″]

“This Land Is Your Land” by Los Lobos, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir (1989).   “Star and Stripes Forever” from the CD “Holding The Flag: A Tribute To Veterans” (2004).

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