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Sam Andrew of Big Brother & The Holding Company remembers an acid trip at The Trident

Musician, Playwright, and Painter Sam Andrew of West Marin knew the TRIDENT RESTAURANT well.  He was Janis Joplin’s guitar player for both her bands, Big Brother & The Holding Company and Full Tilt Boogie Band and The Trident was one of their favorite psychedelic hangouts.

When writing a play about the “Counter Culture” movement, Andrew wrote the following notes about The Trident:

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“A guy came into the Trident with a roll of Necco Wafers.  You remember the candy?  And each wafer had a drop of blue acid on it.  He went around the Trident one morning giving one to each person, waitresses, busboys, the manager; who was then Skip Cutty, and all the kitchen staff.  The place was dosed big time and as the lunch hour peaked so did the staff!  One waitress told me she was pouring coffee into a cup and was tripping on how it undulated in the cup.  She kept pouring the coffee until the customer started shouting at her as the coffee was overflowing from the cup to the saucer and on to the table as the waitress stared in wonder of it all!

Also at the Trident, ‘windowpane’ was being passed around the kitchen.  The two cold-side cooks, the guys that made salads and sandwiches as opposed to guys on the hot side that made steaks and hot dishes, decided to share a hit.  So they put it on the cutting board in front of the refrigerated containers that held ample portions of ambrosia, green and mixed salads, to cut it in half.  As the chef’s knife cut through the gelatin of window pane the two halves popped out of sight.  They froze looking at each other for a second and then started laughing. Later that afternoon, a woman customer was so enthusiastic about the deliciousness of her salad that the maitre d’ thought maybe she was a bit tipsy.”



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