Photo of The Ram Rods in 1960.  (Left to Right) Adam Forman, Bob Albachten, Sterling Searls, and Scott Hale

Scott Hale on The Ram Rods

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I grew up in Mill Valley area and moved to Sonoma County in 1962 when I was 17. Unfortunately I lost contact with most of the guys from Mill Valley during this period. The Ram Rods was formed in 1960 by Bob Albachten – piano, Sterling Searles – drums, Adam Forman – guitar and myself (Scott Hale) on lead guitar. Ram-Rods-Novato-CommunityThe band also included many other local musicians who would join in from time to time at our various gigs. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten their names.  The music was mostly cover tunes of Ray Charles, Bobby Blue Bland, Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters etc.  We played at The Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club, Browns Hall (Mill Valley) Corte Madera Rec. Center and other various halls through out Marin county.  My hope is that perhaps someone would see these photos and remember the band and members, filling in what has happened to them.  As for me, I made a living playing music for many years, touring over the country and the world. — Scott Hale, 2011


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