Slideshow: The Last Days of Taqueria de Marin Kentfield

Photos of the Taqueria in Kentfield in 2012, not long before it closed for good.


Prior businesses located at 1001 Sir Francis Drake location

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Ray Simmonds Put His Final Burritos Into Suspended Animation!



His last burritos

Raymond Simmonds, formerly of Kentfield, was in Marin in 2012 to visit family and saw Taqueria de Marin was going out of business.  He writes: “Sad to see Taqueria de Marin go. 🙁 I snapped a picture of the sign before they bulldozed it. I bought two burritos (and salsa) and froze them for a year! I ate one, not that good so I ditched the second one (-or maybe it’s still in my dad’s fridge?), but it was the last time would taste one.”  Photos of Ray’s final burrito order and sign above.

What do YOU remember about Taqueria de Marin?   Share your thoughts and memories…

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  1. This was where I developed my love of carnitas, chorizo and hot sauce. I worked there as a cashier for the original singing chef Rafael Cisneros. I fell In love with one of the cooks and ended up a mom at 17, so I have some very special memories there. I had long since moved to Petaluma and happened to hear the news story that they were closing and knew that I had to go one more time. It was the weirdest thing.. Nothing had changed. All the same tables, chairs and menu boards and decorations were exactly the same. Nothing had changed but the faces behind the counter and the prices.

  2. I remember getting a nail YES I SAID NAIL in a burrito i order to go three friends and i were eating them i said W.T.F. is this i spit it out and there it was a tomato crate nail. I took it back and they did nothing nobody the Manager just looked at me and said so what do you want me to do. i got nothing they didn’t even give me my money back i was so mad i left the nail there. never ate there again .

  3. best burritos hands down. was sooooo bummed when when they closed. went to college of marin just around the corner, so I’d go there for lunch sometimes. oh the chips, the burritos, dang, I’m hungry again!!! thank yo for the memories!!

  4. Growing up in San Anselmo this was my sons favorite, when he was grown and in S. Ca. I got him a burrito for his birthday and sent it on a plane, ticket counter to ticket counter from Oakland to Long Beach along with a cake, he loved it. Years ago, like almost 20.

  5. I concur. This place was where I got my taste for all things burrito. They would hold their own against any of the Taquerias I frequented later when I moved to San Francisco….I think I remember the freshness, and the flavor, of the homemade tortilla chips, most of all….and a couple good old-school video games, as I recall…

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