Click to watch “Tanker: 1942 – 1948 War Time History of Marinship Corporation.”   Film made for Marinship Corporation between 1944 and 1945 documenting the Sausalito shipyard’s wartime operations.

Narrator: John B Hughes
Photography: Carl Wallen
Script: Fred Drexler
Director: Paul Crowley
Sound Recording: Earl Gille

Contact Information: California Historical Society 678 Mission Street San Francisco, California 94105 Phone: 415-357-1848 Email:

This movie is part of the collection: California Historical Society

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  1. My father worked at Marinship, first riding a delivery bike around, then apprenticing to an electrician. This led to his becoming an electrician when he was drafted into the Navy in WWII, and so much training stateside that he barely got into the war, on a seaplane tender. He “never saw a shot fired in anger” but got to see many exotic ports of call and sailed around the world (rode a camel to the Pyramids) before he was 21.

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