This photo of the drive-in by Photographer Ed Smith taken in the Eighties.  CLICK to see more of Ed Smith’s great Marin photos.

Visitor Memories

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adrian messengerI remember seeing 5 movies in a row there one night – one was The List of Adrian Messenger — Douglas Sederberg

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I saw “A Hard Day’s Night” there when it first came out. — Bob Perrierhard day's night

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Saw “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger” starring Patrick Troughton (!) there. I believe there was also a drive in at the sight of the current Regency on Smith Ranch Road, though I never even caught a glimpse of it. — Michael Gabriel

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  1. Unhooked more that one clasp there. Saw Woodstock, Felix the Cat, Old Yeller, Easter sunrise services, all the beach party movies, 007 movies, Pink Panther, mostly in my (and my dad’s)1957 Rambler station wagon, where the front seats folded down flat so we could sit(or lay) in the back seat and watch or do whatever.

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