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My mother grew up in Larkspur, on Ardmore Road. When she was a little girl in the 1940s, she used to sneak out of her window at night and run down to the Rose Bowl to watch the couples dancing. Howard Clark, Larkspur’s Chief of Police back then, never failed to find her hiding the bushes and took her home. It became such a routine, that he often chuckled during the car rides as he drove her home.  — Kathy Kobil-Rizer, January 8, 2014


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I remember dancing at the Rose Bowl when I was a junior at Drake, so much fun and romantic. When I was too young to be out in the evening, I could hear the music from my bed in our house on Willow Avenue. At one time, older kids would make corsages to sell to the servicemen and their dates during the dances. Larkspur was a wonderful place to grow up.  — Patricia Oates, January 8, 2014

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I know of some kids who used to sneak in under the ladies bathroom during the weekdays in the summer, and roller skate on the dance floor. Someone would yell “Clarks coming” and they all squeezed out again and hid down in the little creek behind. Don’t ask how I know this.  — Ramona Walker, January 8, 2014


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Growing up in Larkspur during the war years, our moms always warned us about the crowds at the Rose Bowl, especially all the on-leave WW II military guys who attended the weekly Big Band dances to pick up girls. So eventually we checked it out… — Will Penna, January 8, 2014


What are your memories of the Rose Bowl Dance?  Have any photos?  Please share your thoughts in the FORUM or in the MarinNostalgia Facebook Group.


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