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I grew up in Mill Valley and learned to ice skate at Raydine Ice Skating rink. I recently reconnected with Hetti Schramm, the daughter of Ray Schramm who owned the rink. She lent me these great photos of the first rink in Mill Valley built in 1954 which is now Goodman’s Lumber (the man in the photos is Ray). Later on, Ray built a larger rink in San Anselmo (the first rink was tiny) and after that built a new building for a rink in Corte Madera which is now Gold’s Gym.

My 9-year old daughter has started skating and so Dad is back on the ice again. I am in touch with a couple of the skaters from that time. I’d loved to hear from any skaters who remember my sister Wendy (we skated as a brother/sister act) and me. If you have any pix of the San Anselmo rink, I’d love to see them.

The third photo is of a Christmas ice show at Raydine’s in San Anselmo. My sister Wendy is on the left, Sandy Hodson center (her mother Galdys directed the Marin Ballet Aquacades) and me.  — “Charley2” from the FORUM, May 17, 2007

We lived behind Raydine’s on Lincoln Ave in S.A. On hot summer days we would wait for the Zamboni to come out the back door and dump this huge pile of shaved ice. — Scott Warner, MarinNostalgia Facebook Group, January 18, 2014

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  1. In the midst of those that remember Corte Madera, I will have to show my age and admit to skating an San Anselmo. Mom would drop us all off there many Saturdays. My hockey skates came from Sears. Always wanted a pair of CCM skates like all the “really cool” guys had.

  2. Corte Madera. went ALL the time, and there was even an attempt to get a girl’s hockey team going, but it never worked out. soooo many fond memories of skating there. birthday parties, too : ) even got to go on the ice right after the Zamboni smoothed it out. FUN FUN FUN!!

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