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Quantus Quick Facts


•    Formed in 1975 after morphing from a previous band called Springfield.
•    Original configuration of the group lasted for 3 years.
•    Played at a fundraiser held by Margot St. James, the self-described feminist and creator of COYOTE (“Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics”).
•    While playing at Travis Air Force Base, a fight broke out between some airmen in the audience, knocking over the band’s equipment in the middle of a song.  Band got the rest of the night off with pay.
•    Steve Miller once sat in with some of the members at a private party in Mill Valley.

Where are they now?


  • Dean Roumbanis lives in Santa Rosa and is still playing venues.
  • Drummer Rocky Vannucci is now a Sales Manager at Coldwell Banker.
  • Guitarist Matt Womack is now a high-end contractor in Marin County
  • Keyboardist Paul Bursch passed away in Nevada in 2012.  He was still playing and writing material until he died.
  • Bassist Randy Thomsen was a Marin County painter and playing in bands until he passed away in 2012.
  • Rick Shirley Pierce has vanished.  Rick, if you’re out there, drop a line and say hello!

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