Patrick "Buzz" Burke

Patrick “Buzz” Burke





Patrick “Buzz” Burke, former co-owner of Prune Music in Mill Valley, remembers the day Neil Young came in to the store to buy guitars — and the $25 guitar he continued to play on stage 20 years later.

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What do you remember about Prune Music in Mill Valley?

  1. Dorothy, I didn’t know you lived in Cotati,that would be The Inn of the Beginning.Cotati is only about 40-45 min. from here.I’ve probably played the Inn of the Beginning 20 times or more,the better nightspot,The Cotati Cabaret was bigger and had a good PA ,we broke the attendance record there,which was held by Eddie Money,We’d have to play 2 shows a night,and turn the house,(empty the place then have a second show),Debbie Mays lived up there for many years.

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