Steve Mackay, Bill Kirchen, Don Kennedy, Rick Higginbotham, Richard Casonova, Steve Fishell, Tony Johnson

Steve Fishell, Bill Kirchen, Tony Johnson, Tim Eschliman, Rick Higginbotham, Richard Casonova, Steve Mackay


The Moonlighters were formed in the mid-1970s led by Bill Kirchen and “moonlighted” from Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen… later to become his backing group. The early “Rhythm & Western” sound of the group came from a seven man outfit that featured a section of tenor sax, pedal steel and fiddle. The group evolved later into a four-man, skinny-tie, rock/pop outfit. The band’s first album was self-titled and produced by Jack Richardson and came out on Amhearst Rercords early in the groups existence. Towards the end of the group’s run, a second album, “Rush Hour,”  was released, which featured the four-man combo, was produced by Nick Lowe, and recorded in London, England.

By this time, Austin De Lone was in the group, who had known Nick Lowe in the pub-rock days of the early 1970s, when the group Mr. Lowe was in, Brinzley Schwartz, followed Austin’s “Eggs Over Easy” into the Tally Ho pub, birthplace of the famed pub-rock scene that is credited as the precursor to  punk-rock. Austin’s “Eggs Over Easy” is credited with having started the pub-rock scene.

The Moonlighters early claim to fame was a sit-in by Naomi Judd back in the mid-70s, her fist public performance, then a waitress at Rancho Nicasio. She sat in with her sister, Wynonna and sang “San Antonio Rose” and “Working Man Blues.” Over the years other backing jobs for the group were with country music star Dottsy and Norton Buffalo.

Austin deLone & Tim Eschliman

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