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Listen to “Just Keep Getting It On”

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Paul Bursch – Keyboards
Jack Schaefer – Saxes, Clarinet, Flute
Bill Peterson – Trumpet
Austin Mitchell – Trombone
Michael Sasaki – Guitar
Kim Elsom – Bass
Sam Stafford – Conga Drums, Percussion
Scott Murphy – Drums

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Bassist Kim Elsom remembers ‘Marin’…


Kim Elsom

Kim Elsom

“We played for all of the high schools in the area and a couple of proms,  which were very entertaining for us as we watched the kids try to dance to our endless changes and time signatures.

One memorable gig took place when we were scheduled to play with several bands at a Black Students Union benefit in Oakland.   After pulling up and assessing the situation we decided that, during this time of much racial unrest (and being virtually the only white people there) it would not be in our best interest to play.

Well, we had the truck all loaded and were prepared to gig so Paul made a call to a friend out in Forest Knolls that was having a big party and was told they’d love to have us.  So off we went and, upon arriving, were told that the only place that provided adequate space for the group was the bottom of an empty swimming pool!

So,  why not?

We backed our 24 foot truck in and unloaded.  It was a very strange experience playing down there with people circling all around the pool looking down at us, but fun as hell!  Loading back up was a real bitch though, with all the eager, drunk helpers we had.

Towards the end of the band’s career, we played a North Beach Leathers gig with the Doobie Brothers.  It may have been for the release of their first album but, if not, it was one of the initial promotion gigs for it.  (The Doobies) used our PA and talked us into using their ‘pro engineer’ for the mix.

Strangely, something was horribly wrong with the PA for our entire set yet, miraculously  fixed for The Doobie Brother’s set.  We were bummed,  yet, proud that they felt it necessary to pull the ‘tank the opener’ trick on us.

I wish I had more to offer, because it was a great learning experience for me,  being able to play with our band’s talented musicians,  especially Jack and Paul.  Paul’s hard driving work ethic literally ruined my ability to cope with the lackadaisical attitude in bands I worked with after Marin.  Jack had such a gift for melody and horn lines that his additions to so many of the song parts could have been the basis for wonderful songs in themselves.


Kim (Or, I guess ‘Dude’, even though I don’t recall it and anyway, isn’t everybody Dude?)”


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