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Host: Ted Gold.  Video & Music by Mike Schulist.  Edited by Jason Lewis.

Here’s the back story: In 1989 I was 19 and working for the summer at Marin’s public access TV station Marin 31.  My friends Ted Gold and Mike Schulist and I took a camera to The Village Shopping Center in Corte Madera and The Flea Market in Marin City to ask the burning question, “What would you change about Marin and why?”

As you’ll see, the answers to that question in 1989 are probably not that different than if we asked the question today.
By the way, today Ted is a Hollywood TV producer, Mike Schulist is a school teacher at Miller Creek Middle School in San Rafael, and I’m…well, I’m still asking strangers to discuss Marin.  

(Beyond this website, my real job is to help people buy and sell Real Estate in Marin.   By the way, if you ever know someone with a Real Estate question or need please don’t hesitate to contact me.)

Dare I ask…What would YOU change about Marin and why?  And how different are things today than in 1989?


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