KTIM: Somewhere in the 1970s

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KTIM Radio from Marin County in the 1970’s. Dusty Street, Bill Ritcheson, Clint Weyrauch, Tony Berardini, Todd Tolces and Vickie Cunningham.  Video provided by YouTube’s Clintwey12

“Day in the life of KTIM FM 100.9 (1983)”

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Short documentary about the Marin County’s free form radio station, KTIM.  Video provided by YouTube’s Bob Danielson.

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Photos provided by Clint Weyrauch.  Visit the KTIM Facebook page.


KTIM 30 Year Reunion of ’81 Staff

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Video produced by Jim D’Ville

What do you remember about KTIM?  Did you work there?  Leave a message here or in the FORUM:

  1. Non-Stop Boogie, The Mouse thet Roared!! David T, Dusty Street, Vickie C and crew introduced me to Bob Marley, Jethro Tull, Jimmy Buffet and Muddy Waters! Loved the light Tower on San Rafael Hill over the Holidays. Stii have one of there Bumper Sticker on an old work bench. Wish they were still around!!`They were Great.

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