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Part of a compilation of 16 newsfilm reports from 1958, selected by KRON-TV in that year, to showcase the camera work of Dale McGill and Charles Stanyan.  This video is presented courtesy of KRON-TV & The San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive, based at San Francisco State University.   Copyright is held by KRON-TV.



Leonard LibraryEstablished in 1982 by Helene Whitson, The San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive is a unique moving image collection presenting sixty years of social history and cultural revolution in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over 4000 hours of local news film, documentaries and other programs have been donated to the J. Paul Leonard Library by broadcasters, production companies and private individuals, to be preserved as an academic resource.  It’s a fabulous collection and a MUST SEE!

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What do you remember about the Kentfield Flood of ’58?  Got photos?

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  1. There was a rowboat tied up to the redwoods at the corner of SFD Blvd. and Laurel Avenue for Granton Park, but I remember KFD guys giving us rides into home in motorboats and carrying us up to the house after we got called out of school at Kent…sometimes a couple of times a year! Seemed like fun, as a kid…not so much anymore.

  2. Peter Martinelli – I’m sure somewhere there is video of that in a TV warehouse somewhere but as if right now that’s all KRON and KPIX have digitized and put up in the public archive. They were kind to let me use a few of their clips for MN to help promote their collection. Hopefully they will put more of their archives out to the public in the future.

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