Listen to Kastahana’s “So Many People”

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Drummer Terry Dilbeck remembers:

Terry Dilbeck Today

Terry Dilbeck Today

“Kastahana was an original music band from San Rafael, Ca. Formed in 1968, I was recruited to fill the original drummers spot in the Summer of 1969. The band consisted of Terry Dilbeck, age 18 on drums, Kim Elsom, age 20 on bass, Bob Kay, age 18 on lead guitar and Bruce Gavin, age 19 on Hammon B3 organ and guitar. Kastahana lived and rehearsed in an old victorian at 1811  Lincoln Ave in San Rafael, where now stands an apartment complex, the name KASTAHANA in large colorful block letter print graced the concrete retaining wall at the sidewalk and can still faintly be seen.

Some might remember seeing the Ford van with the band’s name painted on the side racing around the county, it seemed to be everywhere. We played on the same bills with many of the usual Marin County bands, including The Sons Of Champlin, The Loading Zone, Clover, Freedom Highway, Cold Blood and Beefy Red(Mark Isham from BR would would drop by our rehearsals on occasion), at the usual spots: Lion’s Share, Litchfield’s, Pepperland, College of Marin, the Fillmore in early 1970. In the fall of 69′, we entered the Cal Expo, the California State Fair Battle of the Band competition, which consisted of 200 band entries from around the state. After winning two semifinal rounds on separate weekends, we found ourselves back for the third weekend and in the finals, and were crowned the 1st place winner of the entire competition….to our pleasant surprise. It was a blast but also a lot of hard work. The competition was judged by the infamous Tommy Roe, The Ventures, and some of the Paul Revere’s Raiders. One of the perks for winning the competition was being put up for the weekend in Sacramento’s swankiest Hotel at the time, but we were asked to check out after the first night, I don’t remember the exact reason, but it may have had something to do with our rock and roll behavior and keeping very late hours?

Winning the competition opened a few more doors for us as far as more gigs, including one at The Fillmore in Feb of 1970. Kim Elsom remains my oldest friend and lives a few miles away from me. I recently reconnected with Bruce Gavin in 2007, but have no idea what became of lead guitarist Bob Kay…..anyone got any info on Bob? The recording posted is live from our Fillmore gig, Feb, 1970.”

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