1. I hadn’t seen this before, but I lived it. Born, raised and have mostly lived in Marin since 1967. That show records one of the biggest communal brain farts to ever hit the West Coast. Some of the Mill Valley kids’ names were familiar to me, and it really hit home listening to them try to process their feelings about Mom and Dad’s divorce, being told all the details behind it, and being left to fend for themselves while Mom and Dad sought their own happiness. It made me really angry to see that emotional abandonment of children, and the apparent ease by which the adults could brush off their parental responsibilities. While the show was over the top with many of the excesses, the dissolution of adult responsibility was widespread here in the late 1970s, and many of us grew up way too fast because of it. As a result, there are far more mental health professionals in Marin now, because there was a lot of collateral damage left behind by the “Me First!” generation.

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