Photo provided by Tom Blake, author of Prime Rib & Boxcars: Whatever Happened to Victoria Station?

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Passage from Prime Rib & Boxcars: Whatever Happened to Victoria Station (Chapter 25: Marin Grand Prix)

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About 10 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway 101 intersects Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in the town of Larkspur.  In August 1974, if you exited 101 heading east, you immediately drove beneath a wooden railroad trestle, famous because Clint Eastwood had jumped from it onto a school bus in Dirty Harry.  Less than a mile down the road was San Quentin Prison.

Past the trestle on the left was a go-kart track.  On a mid-August afternoon, Victoria Station rented the entire track by paying a surprised track manager $400, a bonanza for him.  (His normal take for a day was less than $200.)

The cars wouldn’t be running the next day — or ever again at that location.  Soon a developer’s bulldozer would be plowing the track to make way for Victoria Station Marin County.  Across the street from our site, Larkspur Landing was under construction.  From this pier, a ferry service would eventually connect Larkspur to San Francisco.



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MarinNostalgia Visitor Memories


Jiri Jacknowitz: “I remember that you had to be 8 to drive the go-carts. My dad used to take me to watch them and I would always stare at that sign thinking, ‘Some day… some day I will be eight and I will drive that go-cart.'”


Pat Sayer Fusco: “Ah, that track! Nothing like standing in the dusty wind waiting for tween-age boys to finish their laps…”


Cherie Dant:  “LOVED this. we went so much, that if no one was around, they would let us go way past the time limit. AND we’d all go around the OTHER direction too. Thanks for the memories.”


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