Ted Weiner submitted this photo of Eat & Run and writes:

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“Too bad my father didn’t get a shot of the Eat ‘n’ Run sign as definite proof of the location of this photo. But, a few times he’d take us there. This was one of those times. 1965 is my best guess. All five Weiner kids eatin’ burgers ‘n’ shakes right across from where the old COM football field used to be. In the early ’70s it became King Henry VIII.  Played my first pinball machine at Henry VIII. And they had Pong, too, if I’m not mistaken.  I know…this picture could have been taken anywhere this side of Timbuktu. But, it was at the Eat ‘n’ Run.”



Comments from The Forum

Lemo: Eat and run was across from the old COM gym, and fronted AE Kent school. somebody here posted pics of the old football field flooded, mid 60′s, and eat and run was right across the street. swanky place, bigass ruts in the parking lot, honky cheese and zits in the back row, punks parking in rat rods at the fence line. geez. arf arf stack on the funky fry sauce.

Bob Posner: “Grew up in Kentfield. Remember the floods closing down Kent School and the flooded COM football field. Ah, the Eat and Run with it’s “Secret Sauce” on the greasy french fries! Used to swim at the “new” COM swimming pool during the summer for either 25 or 50 cents. Great times!”

Paul Penna: I just had an email from someone who found me via my Larkspur site and was trying to locate one of my Redwood class of ’64 classmates. I wasn’t able to help him, but in passing he mentioned Eat and Run. That was a name I hadn’t thought of in ages. It was an eatery somewhere in the Larkspur/Kentfield area, and though the name was instantly familiar, I can’t at the moment dredge up anything else about it. Like where exactly it was, f’rinstance. I know it was something I saw frequently while going around the area. Plus its name, and the alleged quality of food, spawned inevitable mocking monikers like “Scarf and Barf” and “Barf and Crawl.” Somebody help me out here.

Hewett: “Hi Paul- Scott Hewett here. Others will have a better recollection of ‘Eat and Run’, but I recall it was close to A.E. Kent School, and between Kent School and College of Marin. It was kind of a walk-up fast food joint that was darn near supported by students and their always-empty stomachs. Thanks for the tip about this website, one of the best I’ve ever encountered.”

SteveC: “This is from someone who started the “Famous Drive-In” thread. “Eat & Run, Kentfield (later to become King Something or other)”  If that’s true, then it was where King Henry VIII / Zip’s Burgers was later
and is now rebuilt as Union Bank of California next to the creek/bike path
and main bus stop on College Ave.

lemo: it was the Scarf and Barf totally. burger sauce was tasty, figure the burgs where made out of Capella’s cows and ground up Buick Roadmaster bumpers. The parking lot was potholed and most lots of rat rods parked in back. No where as cool as Fosters in San Rafael.

Meadowsweet Rich: As a child I heard my first 4 letter word at Eat & Run, I was there with my mom 1 day and the wind came up & blew the bamboo roll up blinds so hard that they smacked the neon lettering above them, it knocked the letter ‘t’ out of the ‘Hot Dogs’ portion of the sign, so it now read ‘Ho Dogs’, an employee ran out to inspect the damage & exclaimed “Oh Sh*t”, much to my moms displeasure.

CJ: Eat & Run was located between the Corte Madera creek and the Post Office on College Ave.  Across the street from the old College of Marin Gym that burnt down in Dec 64′ (cause was clothes being dried on radiator heaters). King Henry V111 later took over. A bank is at the location now.


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