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LISTEN to Classic Dial-A-Spazz

Click the PLAY button above to hear a clip of Classic Dial-A-Spazz recordings, compiled by Mark “Spazz” Power.  To listen to the ENTIRE Dial-A-Spazz archives, visit Mark “Spazz” Power’s Dial-A-Spazz website.

NOTE:  May contain EXPLICIT material and Not Suitable For Work.


Highlights from The MarinNostalgia Forum

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“CMM” says:

If it’s the same Mark that I think it is, yes, we went to Tam High together in the 70’s. He was a real character then. Always so full of energy and new ideas. I never quite understood Dial-a-Spazz, although my husband says he called in and got a kick out of it. My husband also seems to remember at times it was X-rated.

Mark has worn many hats since high school…Dial-a-Spazz, Magician, Male Stripper, Wedding Photographer/Videographer and of course Karaoke singer and DJ. His stage name is Mark Hester Power’s and his business is called Goodtime Disc Jockeys. He is still doing the DJ and Karaoke thing as well as Wedding Photography and Video. My husband and I actually hired him to DJ our daughter’s wedding in 2005. Check out his website http://goodtimedj.com


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