The American Marconi Company came to West Marin in the early part of the last century to build a powerful trans-Pacific transmitting station in Bolinas and the corresponding receiving station in Marshalls (as it was then known).  The station went into operation in 1914.  In 1920 ship-to-shore Morse code station KPH joined the trans-Pacific station in West Marin, first at Marshall and then after WWII at the receiving station at Point Reyes (built in 1929).  The Maritime Radio Historical Society has restored the Bolinas transmit station and the Point Reyes receive station to operation – the first time any of the hundreds of such stations that existed around the world has been brought back to life.  The station is on the air each Saturday.  Visitors can see radtotelegraphers once again at work at their telegraph keys, exchanging messages with ships and with shore stations around the world.

Once there were dozens of operators, engineers and riggers maintaining the station.  Now that responsibility is ours.  It’s a lot of work but it is only the platform on which our real program rests.  Our goal is to honor the men and women who came before us in this profession by assuring that their skills, traditions and culture are not forgotten.  Their skill and bravery made the profession of radiotelegrapher one of honor and skill.  We feel honored to pick up the thread and keep the faith with them.

Richard Dillman, WPE2VT
Chief Operator, Coast Station KSM
Maritime Radio Historical Society


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