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Cathleen Acheritogaray: Love it!! Across from the seesaws was the metal pole thing with the rings hanging from chains. Sort of like circular ring monkey bars. I was never tall enough to do it, but just before they took it out, I was able to jump up and pull myself onto two of the rings and stand on them. One of the major achievements of my youth, what can I say? There was also a large fir tree between the playground and the concrete pipe, with branches that touched the ground. You could hide under them and spy on everyone.
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Nicky Dilts: GOD I remember that slide. Use to love it till some kid broke there arm and they took it out. DO you remember the other 2 slides that where down there??? Story I was told by my grandmother who knows first hand is that it WAS one slide. BAck when ti was put in the corte Madera Firemen went down there one night to try it out. ONLY PROBLEM no one told them to put your feet down at the end and someone got hurt so it was made into 2 slide. The story was told to me by my Grandmother Clorinda Schenone. My grandad Mario was there that night but did not get hurt.
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My family lived in Corte Madera from 1971 until 1976 and the Tamalpais Park was a favorite place to hang out.  My dad, Marvin Lewis, shot this home movie somewhere around 1974.  (That’s my sister Alison on the other side of the see-saw.)

I remember the metal on that blue slide used to get really HOT in the summer time.  Do today’s slides get as hot?  Did someone invent heat-resistant slides since I was a kid?

If you’ve got photos or videos from your own childhood in Marin (and it shows something about the County that’s different then than it is today), please send it in for everyone to enjoy.



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