Barbara_Boxer_2005After 38 years of living on N. Almenar Drive in Greenbrae, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer recently sold her home and bought a condo in Oakland.
I asked her if she had any favorite Marin restaurants that no longer exist today.  
She says, “I remember there was a Swensen’s Ice Cream parlor right near Petrini’s market (which is now Mollie Stone’s in Greenbrae’s Bon Air Center).  When they closed it I really cried about it.  Now that I’ve moved away, they just opened a new Ben & Jerry’s restaurant there…  Twenty years too late!!!”

1987 Congressional Photo

1987 Congressional Photo

Ice Cream aside, Boxer’s other favorite Marin hangout was the bike bath around the Corte Madera Creek where she often jogged .  She says, “People still say to me ‘We really miss you on the bike path and I say to them, ‘My ghost is still jogging there.'” 

Years ago she was instrumental in helping save the marshland for public use before it was almost turned into residential development. “They actually filled it in,” she says,  “but we turned it back.  We were one of the very first  wetland restorations.”
boxer5“That’s my favorite spot in Marin,” she says.  “Because, to me, it has so many memories.  One, because it’s beautiful and I can see the mountain from there.  But, two, it represents the power of our community to get together and preserve beauty and quality of life and bring back a natural habitat like a wetland…”   Boxer says that when she became a Grandma that was the first place she took her grandson.
The Senator first moved to Marin in 1967 when she was 27.  “We came here for the schools,” she says, “And we were never disappointed.”


  1. My memory of Barbara Boxer when it pertains to Marin is this: My mom and I standing in front of her at the Civic Center and me crying as Barbara was yelling at my mom and my mom yelling back, about why Chuck E. Cheese should NOT be built in Marinwood. (We were fighting for her to allow Chuck E. Cheese into Marinwood in the late 70’s early 80’s). Barbara was very much against it. Me, as a little kid, I was begging for it. She was basically a bully. Chuck E. Cheese, along with my mom and myself, won the fight. We had some amazing times at the pizza joint! Sure, Chuck E. Cheese is a mess, but as a little guy, it was heaven!

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