After 103 years doing in business in Marin, my Real Estate brokerage Frank Howard Allen Realtors was purchased by Coldwell Banker in October 2013.

Interestingly, both Frank Howard Allen Realtors and Coldwell Banker have their roots in the Bay Area.

Says Wikipedia: “After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fires, real estate agent Colbert Coldwell formed a new real estate company.  He disapproved of the then-common practice of real estate agents acquiring properties for themselves, often from uninformed sellers at ridiculously low prices, and then reselling them for huge profits. He and two partners formed the company of Tucker, Lynch and Coldwell on August 27, 1906.  In 1913, Benjamin Arthur Banker joined the firm as a salesman and became a partner in 1914. He and Coldwell remained active in the company throughout their lives.”

When I first interviewed at various Marin Real Estate brokerages in 2001, I met with Paul Lehman, the former manager of the Coldwell Banker office in Greenbrae.  I told him that I was leaning towards joining Frank Howard Allen because I liked that it was locally owned.

I distinctly remember him replying, “What’s the point?  In the end, Coldwell Banker will own Frank Howard Allen.”

Well, he was correct.  Now you can find me at:CB_GoldM_Vector8Please visit my professional website at


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