jason color face_face0 Hi, I’m Jason Lewis.

I grew up in Corte Madera & Kentfield from 1971 until graduating from Redwood High in 1987. After attending college at the University of Washington and working for a few years in Southern California, I longed to return to Marin.   Today I live in San Rafael with my wife, two young kids, and a dog.   I love this county and often draw upon my experiences growing up here in my career as a Realtor.  You can visit my professional website at www.JasonKnowsMarin.com.

Marin County has changed tremendously over the last 60 years.  Sometimes we don’t realize just how much until we pause and take a short look back.  That’s the purpose of this site — to take us back through time (ever so slightly) to the Marin in which we grew up, raised our families, got married, or had our first kiss.

In the mid-80’s I used to write a weekly column for the Twin Cities Times.  While cleaning out a closet a few years ago I stumbled upon a box of old issues and found myself lost in the articles — reading about the birth of The Village, restaurant reviews of places long since closed, and people I haven’t seen for years…

If you’re looking for lots of photos of horse-drawn wagons, train stations, and Larkspur from 1912, you’ve probably come to the wrong place.  Those kinds of images are fascinating and, yes, there are a few of them on this site… but they’re not from an era to which many of us can relate.

MarinNostalgia is mostly concerned with “The Ordinary” — bowling alleys, grocery stores, neighborhoods, school yards, and hairstyles.  In other words, who were we and what were we doing for fun in Marin during the 1950s through 1980s?

For example, here’s an old home movie of mine taken by my dad circa 1975 at The Corte Madera Park.  Remember that old blue slide?

[videoembed type=”vimeo” ratio=”sixteen_by_nine” url=”https://vimeo.com/74033535″ id=”video_0″]

Note: YOUR contributions (no, not financial) will make this site great!!!

If you have photos or videos depicting something about Marin that looks dramatically different than it does today — or no longer exists — please email me.  If you don’t know how to scan a digital copy yourself or at Kinkos, or convert an old film, I’ll be happy to help.

Most importantly, have fun!


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The Hanken Gang (1978)

My memories of Kentfield during the 70’s are of a far more rural place.  I remember long stretches of Laurel Grove where there was nothing next to the road except for trees, old stone fences, and a mysterious Priory shrouded in a forest.  (Today the Priory is a pool and tennis club.)  There were peacocks living behind a rundown white fence and (I may be crazy) but I think there were chickens too.  Kentfield wasn’t Mayberry, of course, but it’s easy to remember it as far less manicured and definitely more eclectic.

Seen in the photo above (courtesy of Spike Schulist) are Mike Schulist, Jimmy Bullard, Dave Bullard, Stephen Strough, Brad D’Ancona, Jason Lewis, Bart Leopld.  Not seen but also in the gang were: John Baker, Raymond Simmonds, Gail Simmonds, Kristina Strough, Louie Batmale, and Greg Haas.


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Glad you brought the site back, Jason. Looks good.