The Unknown Museum

The Unknown Museum

The ROP Show Video

Click the play button above to watch The ROP Video Show featuring “The Unknown Museum” produced and directed by Harlan Cain.

Greetings From The Unknown Museum

Click the play button above to watch this video created by Dana Atchley and courtesy of Mickey McGowanClick to read Mickey’s MarinNostalgia interview.

Click the play button above to watch MTV VJ China Kantner (Paul Kantner & Grace Slick’s daughter) discuss The Unknown Museum during an ’80s broadcast.

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8 thoughts on “The Unknown Museum

  1. Uh ,that would be Grace Slick. And to add a bit more Marin Nostalgia to this story -My girlfriend at the time -circa 1985 -at a party in a another undisclosed rock legend’s house in Marin, kicked a very drunk and drugged China Kantner off the bed and out of the bedroom so that we could have use of it…..

  2. Actually, her dad is Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane & later Jefferson Starship. You may be thinking of Jack Cassidy who played bass for the Airplane & later on Hot Tuna. But you’re right about her mom being Grace Slick. They’re all somewhat “legends” in the S.F.Bay Area music business…

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