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Click the PLAY button to watch the “Stitham Christmas House” video by Gary Wasley for Viacom TV

Sadly, Charles “Dooley” Stitham passed away in 2009.  CLICK to read Mr. Stitham’s obituary in the Marin IJ.

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In 1992, I lived right next door to the Christmas house, with my bedroom actually facing it. Pretty exciting stuff for a 19 year-old with memories of visiting that magical place during childhood. Better yet, the couple who lived there invited all the neighbors over for a Christmas party, so I was thrilled to get to see inside their house (not sure if they generally opened that to the public), which was also festively decorated, including an indoor waterfall! I lived there for a year and they seemed like really kind people, though I didn’t get to know them well.  — Jamberry from the FORUM


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