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What is MarinNostalgia.org? Launched in 2006 by lifelong resident and Marin County Realtor Jason Lewis, MarinNostalgia is a virtual time machine.  The more visitors who contribute their memories, photos, and videos of Marin’s colorful past from the 1950s to the 1990s, the more meaningful and entertaining MarinNostalgia will become..  Please help spread the word (e.g. LIKE on Facebook) and, most importantly, don’t be shy.  Share a memory!


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Fires & Floods!


February 8, 2015 – As Marin is finally getting a bit of much needed rain (and a bit of flooding) I thought I’d refresh our collective memory about some of our notorious floods and fires over the years.  To begin, who remembers the Dominican fire of 1990?  — Jason Lewis

san anselmo_flood_82

…or the Flood of ’82?

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Got photos or old home movies of classic Marin?

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Do you have an old photo or video of something about Marin that is different than it is today?  If so, PLEASE don’t throw it away!  It’s HISTORY!  Let’s scan it and put it up on MarinNostalgia.org for everyone to reflect upon and enjoy.  And don’t hesitate to leave comments on stuff you see on this site.  Your written memories are just as important as photos.

Please email Jason Lewis to send in your photos.

Enjoy! — Jason

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Holly Stone Cabe

And I’m so old that I remember standing by the entrance to the highway at Greenbrae, waving at cars, campaigning for Barbara Boxer with Dede!

Christopher W Rowan

I’ll be in touch.

Wendy Colton

I’m waiting for the site to return, so I can walk down memory lane!

Bonnie Barnes

I remember Sprouse Reitz (sp?) and Guasco right next to it. Wasn’t Drake Pharmacy across the street. I remember when Sunny Hills was where the Red Hill Center is now. Jeez, how old am I?